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“With modular you have one team to manage the whole process.”

Josh Stroup, Founder and Principal, Iron Valley Modular

Quality Modular Construction

There is no special “modular building code” or exceptions for a building constructed utilizing the modular construction process. It is simply a different and more efficient manner to assemble the materials and components of a building at an offsite location. Modular construction can be utilized for commercial, residential, institutional, or industrial applications. Therefore, we understand the importance of picking the right company that is experienced, dependable and affordable.

Our top priority is to provide the best quality in all our projects, always keeping in line with what you want your projects to entail. We and our manufacturing partners have the ability to construct buildings year round. Our facilities and manufacturing can be controlled in a way that onsite construction cannot be. Quality of materials can be easily maintained. Modular units and materials are not exposed to weather environments as in traditional construction process. There is stability in terms of material amount used to make modular. By utilizing our 120,000 sq ft facility, and Central PA workforce, we are able to finish our builds more efficiently and cost-effectively than our on-site counterparts.

Reduced Costs, Shorter Projects

Modular construction means shorter project schedules and a significant reduction in costs. Our process allows us to finish our customer's projects up to 50% faster than traditional construction. And modular customers save an average of 20-25% on their overall project cost.

Better for the Environment

In addition, Iron Valley Modular is on track to become net-zero, reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. With our modular approach we will contribute to the reduced environmental impact compared to conventional concrete traditional home building. In terms of materials usage and waste, homes constructed using a modular process were found to use about 20 percent less material overall. This included greater material use for modular mate lines and transportation but significantly less material waste for modular(sustainability). With quality of construction improvements, comes improved environmental impact such as:
  • Modular construction reduces the overall weight of waste by up to 83.2%
  • A modular construction approach reduced the environmental impact by about 36%
  • Modular construction reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 30%
With construction building in a controlled environment, transportation is one time from facility to job site. Reducing workers transportation back and forth, and materials for projects getting transported multiple times during construction. A modular project gets dropped off once and constructed onsite.

With our partners and services, we have the tools and experience to get the job done with the highest standards. Every material partner we include in our projects is crucial and held to the highest quality standards in making your project happen. Streamlined process, beginning to end: We handle virtually all aspects of the job. Starting with our in house design team, we will execute your vision. Your build is limited only by your imagination. We also provide architectural, permitting, and site prep services. Everything you will need handled to complete your project. Our goal is to get your project from blueprint to crane day, with efficiency and quality. It's our team, our workers, your project!

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Fifth Street

fifth street house exterior
fifth street bathroom

Spruce Drive

two story home in nature
spruce drive kitchen
spruce drive stairs

Summershade Drive

large house at the end of a long driveway
dining room at summershade house
kitchen island at summershade house

Weatherton Road

exterior of a ranch houst
kitchen of wetherton road
wetherton road living room