We Value Safety

Excellent training and a well-thought out systems leads to a safe team
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Because People Matter

People are at the heart of everything we do. It is our mission to help our clients, but our team is what makes that possible. We take every precaution to keep our team safe because we know we couldn't do what we do without them.

Safety Leads to Success

For any of our projects to be a success, it has to be safe. We make sure each of our workers learn about safety within our facilities the moment they get hired. Our subcontractors are licensed and bonded to ensure your project has no interruption in the process. When building modular buildings in a controlled, off-site environment, accidents are less likely to occur. Off-site building means less injuries or fatal accidents such as getting struck by machinery onsite and getting stuck in between objects during construction. It means workers can go home at night, not be physically exhausted, and have a better quality of life. It means a safer workplace environment that leads to greater employee longevity and higher productivity. And it leads to lower costs to our clients.

"Modular construction alleviates the problems associated with the labor shortage by allowing the work to happen where the workers are — in factories — rather than at job sites scattered across the country." 

Rich RozyckiCRATE Modular

A System for Safety

We think through everything when it comes to the safety of our team. From the weather or the construction process itself, studies have shown that the safety of the off-site workstation is often critical. For example, designated storage areas or color-coding walkways prevent workers from walking in an unsafe space or leaving any equipment on the walkways. A clear work environment reduces slips and falls that can lead to fatal accidents. With projects uniquely designed in a modern and permanent facility setting, lifting, arranging, and securing different building sections can be done using light machinery.

Wood and steel are more prevalent in modular construction, which are lighter to carry, and easier to recycle. Unlike traditional construction onsite, weather is not a factor in modular construction. Our workers have an advantage of preparing the modular units in our facilities, no matter the project size. Also less workers are required onsite than traditional construction. The complexity of modular construction is at a ground level. In traditional construction, workers would need to scale the building or framework. Less physical injuries or wear and tear on the body, resulting in bad backs and knees. Physical demands of construction on the body can lead to workers calling out and slowing traditional construction projects down because workers are unable to work.

In addition, deconstruction of a modular building reduces accidents that may have been caused by demolishing drywall, wood, and concrete. As modular buildings are constructed in modules, the buildings can be more easily “deconstructed” and reused. The ability to easily relocate modular buildings is a great opportunity to reduce negative environmental impact in deconstruction projects.

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